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Press FAST Forward on fat loss with this program:

Become self-motivating

Defeat the bad habits and cravings that are keeping you stuck. Beat temptations, have self-discipline and become more conscious of your decisions each day.

Make the most of your time

Time flies…or does it? When you have more energy and stay more focused, you quit wasting your time each day. Stop “going through the motions” of life.

build the foundation for a life you love

Your body is the foundation on which you build the life you want. Empower your relationships, career, and self-growth. People will wonder how you are able to excel and thrive in life.

Trained and Trusted By:

Own your lifestyle. Elevate your health. 

“Brian’s tenacity and commitment to follow through position him to be such a great coach because he is always going to have your back.”

– Dr. Adam Martin, Founder of The Fit Pharmacist.

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Meet Brian

The path to thriving in your daily life is simple

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3. Thrive each day

 Sustain motivation. Lose fat. Improve your physical and mental performance. Ultimately, build the foundation for the life you want – one you can be proud of

Brian was his own worst enemy, not living a life he was proud of.

“…I struggle with jealousy issues, so I get this feeling that I am being purposely excluded from an activity by my closest friends at the time. This leads me to stir up an argument with them in which there is a lot of yelling. I become very agitated and cannot control my anger, so I end the argument by throwing a rock at them as they are walking away…”

“…Internally, I don’t truly know who I am and why I struggle so much…”

“…I have no identity or sense of self-worth…”

“…I am suffering from horrible acne and asthma that both negatively affect my body-image and confidence…”

“…I seriously considered taking my own life, even if it was for just a minute. I will pretend to be happy and accept myself. Maybe one day it will just click, and I’ll discover who I really am…”

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Brian Bisher


A different kind of health coach
I myself am definitely not perfect. Also, I was not simply blessed with great genes that gave me a body I could be proud of. This caused me a lot of pain growing up, going through school and even as a young professional.
I can easily relate to you, as a young professional man, who feels stuck without a sense of direction to create a better life balance for yourself, physically and emotionally. 
I believe improving our physical bodies with the way we eat and move should not be time-consuming, complicated, or deprive you of joy in life for any period of time. In fact, it’s the opposite. I believe in the process of making progress you will learn to enjoy life and the relationships you have EVEN more.
If you knew me in high school you’d know I was too shy to really talk to anyone. I had no belief or faith in myself. If you knew me in college or graduate school, you would know I overcompensated like no other through the use of alcohol. I’ve found a balance between the two and I will help you with the same.
Losing weight doesn't have to be a process you can't enjoy due to restrictions in what you eat and what you do.
In fact, I believe you will learn a lot about yourself in the process and ultimately create health in your life that leads to present and lasting happiness.
If you are looking to count calories, weigh your food, track macros, build a physique made for a stage or magazine cover, then you are in the wrong place. I know those take extreme discipline and work for some people. Those things just don’t align with the goals or vision I have for my life. I believe in enjoying life to the fullest and focusing on becoming a better version of myself each day.
Here are the 5 principle lifestyle basics I believe can free you from dieting ever again and give you the energy you desire to build the life you want.
1. Time-Restricted Feeding
2. the 80/20 Rule
3. More water!
4. Intuitive eating
5. Finding a physical activity you enjoy




How much longer are you going…

stay STUCK in the same self-defeating habits that keep you from making the progress you want?

struggle to find the motivation to just “workout” or “eat better?”

struggle balancing your personal and professional life?

Look in the mirror each day and not be proud of what you see?

feel overwhelmed about all the things you’re told you “should” be doing according to all the fitness gurus online?

not move forward out of this transition phase of your life as a young professional?

constantly compare yourself to other guys?

be hesitant to put yourself out there and meet someone special because of low confidence in yourself?

Don’t just survive your 9-5…Strive2Thrive!

You can be proud of what you see in the mirror each day without sacrificing the things you love

You can build the foundation for the life of your dreams

You can get unstuck and thrive.